Hello Everyday Photo Carry


My photographic needs often serve as an excuse to practice my, admittedly basic, programming skills. Case in point, the freshly-baked Every Photo Carry tool. I needed a simple application to keep tabs on my cameras and lenses. Something I could use to quickly jot down the most important info like model, serial number, and additional notes and view the entries as a simple page accessible on any device. PHP to the rescue. This scripting language is perfect for cobbling together simple web-based applications with a minimum of effort.

A weekend and a couple of hundred lines of code later, I have a no-frills tool that does exactly what I need. Aptly, albeit unimaginatively, named Everyday Photo Carry (or EPC for short), this simple PHP script pulls data stored in the comma-separated format from a text file and renders it as an HTML page with a table. It also allows you to edit the data file, and you can even attach a photo of your photographic equipment.

EPC has no dependencies, and it requires no installation. If you have PHP installed on your machine, you can run the application locally using the php -S localhost:8000 command. Point then your browser to the localhost:8000 address to access the application. However, being a PHP application, EPC is designed for running on a web server. This way, you can access and use the tool on any device with a browser. EPC features a responsive design, so it's useable on mobile devices, too.

While deploying EPC on a web server requires a modicum of technical knowledge, it's not beyond the wit of man. And you'll find detailed instructions on how to do that, and how to protect access to EPC, in the Linux Photography book. EPC is available on GitLab in case you want to give it a try.