Konbini: KDE's Little Photo Helper


If you happen to use KDE as your preferred graphical desktop, Konbini might be right up your alley. It adds several useful image manipulation actions to the Dolphin file manager as well as installs and configures a handful of photography-related tools. The supplied installer does the donkey job of fetching and installing the required pieces. It also adds the dedicated Konbini item to the…

NAS-Based Linux Photography Workflow


When a few months ago I decided to buy a NAS, my plan was to use it as a dumb storage device that makes it easier to access my files and keep them safe. Gradually, though, I found myself using my lowly QNAP T-231P NAS for various photography-related tasks, and now the appliance plays a central role in my Linux-based photographic workflow. It's all started with me moving my photo library to the…

Use digiKam with a NAS and MariaDB


Got a NAS? Still store your photo library and digiKam databases on a local machine? It's time to take your digiKam setup to the next level by moving your photo library to the NAS and switching to the MariaDB (or MySQL) database back end. This allows you to access your photo library from any machine on the same network as well as keep your photo library safe thanks to the fact that storage on most…